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3 Misunderstandings of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

November 23, 2016 10:41 am

At most when it comes to cleaning and caring for your carpet, people tend to just vacuum once or twice and week and blot any spills. However, your carpet needs a lot more care than this. If carpets have a lack of care, it can lead to possible expensive problems in the future. We have been providing professional commercial carpet cleaning in Leicester and surrounding areas for over 10 years, we have seen a lot of examples of damage that has been caused to all types of carpets. We have put together 3 of the main misapprehensions about getting your carpets professionally cleaned.

  1. “I can hire a machine and clean the carpet myself.”

It is possible to hire out a carpet cleaning machine for the day from a local home improvement store. This is a quick and cheap method however it can do grave damage to your carpet. Usually the machines use a lot of water which firstly can cause your carpets to shrink, but as they are not as powerful as a professional machine, it does not have the power to extract the water out. The carpets would take much longer to dry and can make it more prone to mildew and mould. We at Easy Movers use water-free methods which keep the fibres from shrinking and becoming damaged.

  1. “My carpet is only a year old, it doesn’t need cleaning yet.”

Even if your carpet may not look dirty, it does not mean that it doesn’t need to be clean. In fact, when your carpet is looking dirty and full of grime, the damage has already been done. The dirt from the bottom of shoes become caught between the fibres of your carpet, and the constant walking over the carpet grinds the dirt further in. Eventually, it becomes so grounded into the fibres that your carpet looks mucky and flat. By cleaning your carpets more often, there is less build up and your carpets look and stay fresher for longer.

  1. “I can use carpet deodoriser to keep my carpet fresh.”

Carpet deodoriser contain talcum powder which does not dissolve in water. Over time the talcum powder gathers and becomes rooted in the carpet. Vacuuming the carpets only removes so much of the carpet deodoriser, some of the powder always gets left behind. The next time you use water to clean the carpet, the residue will mix with the water. Once this dries, it will leave white stains on your carpet.

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