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What Type of Carpet Should Go In What Room?

November 23, 2016 10:35 am

Carpets are known for keeping rooms warm and a sense of cosiness to your home, which is why you should ensure that they are going to last. By making sure that you choose the correct type of carpet for each room, they will last much longer. We at Ecoclean Floorcare have been offering our carpet cleaning services in Leicester and the Midlands for many years, in which we have seen many different types of carpet. The years have taught us what carpet should go where and so we have created a quick guide to help you pick the perfect ones for your home.

Discounted Carpets – First, you need to check your budget, how much are you planning on spending? Some carpet may be initially extremely cheap and some carpets have been reduced. However, there is a difference between choosing a discounted carpet or one that is just cheap. The cheaper carpets tend to have a lower density, which means you would be able to see the backing through the turfs. However discounted carpets are typically piece that are end of line and so will be of better quality.

Low Traffic Areas – Areas that are used for special occasions or low traffic such as a dining room you can put more luxurious carpet such as a velvet pile. If you use this carpet in higher traffic areas such as an entrance or hallway, it would show footprints and be more likely to become dirty. Velvet pile carpet makes a room look more sumptuous, combined with a neutral colour or a bold colour, it adds extra warmth and a wow factor.

Less Formal Areas – For areas that you use for relaxing such as bedrooms or the living room, you can either use a more relaxed style such as shag pile carpet however it would need regular vacuuming and is harder to clean. Another option would be polyester, which offer softness and colour clarity but also is fade resistant and strong. Polyester is a balanced choice for softness and relaxation but is also easier to clean and bring a warmth that a wool carpet would.

Entrances and Hallways – Although they do not feel as nice as previous suggestions, for a high traffic area you should use a durable carpet such as Berber or Sisal. These carpets are not only able to withstand wear and tear, but as they are shallow, dirt stays close to the surface which makes it easier to vacuum and dirt. Avoid using very light colours however neutral colours such as beige will brighten the hallway or entrance.

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