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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Leicester

EcoClean Floor Care have been providing commercial carpet cleaning in Leicester for over 10 years, from carpets for households to warehouses and venues across the UK. Keeping carpets clean within a commercial environment keeps the premises presentable for clients as well as a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness for your employees.

We aim to clean carpets around you in order to reduce the amount of disruption to your working day. We use a waterless method which not only eliminates the requirement to wait for the carpet to dry, but also prevents the carpet fibres from shrinking and colour run. Also liquid detergents allow microorganisms and mould a ground to breed however our dry cleaning technology protection from such happening.

Professional Carpet Cleaners

Carpets in commercial premises tend to experience more wear and tear, as there is a constant flow of employees walking across the room. Over time the dirt will dry further into the fibres of the carpet, leaving a dull colour even after vacuuming. Our commercial carpet cleaners in Leicester will refresh your carpet from within using bespoke methods and our broad knowledge being Woolsafe accredited. We are one of the leading commercial and office carpet cleaning companies in Leicester.

Why choose EcoClean Floor Care?

  1. Our 10 years of experience has taught us the best ways to treat different types of carpet. So whether you have wool twist carpets or saxony, we’ll find the best way to clean your carpet without damaging the fibres or using harmful chemicals.
  1. By not using liquid solutions, microbes and mould do not have a ground to breed on, making your carpets safe to play on for children and pets. We guarantee health and safety assurance eliminating the possibility to attract dirt and microorganisms.
  1. Our waterless carpet cleaning methods means that no time is wasted waiting for them to dry, you are able to immediately walk on them and continue walking, we are also able to provide carpet cleaning for your home.

EcoClean Floor Care offer a free consultation and site survey to determine the correct process and treatment required for your carpets as well an accurate, reasonable quotation. To arrange a consultation or for any other queries, call us today!

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    Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Leicester


    Great work carried out by Scott and the team. They have been offering commercial cleaning for over 3 years in our office and the work has always been spot on!

    Ms Lays – Leicester

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