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Limestone Floor Tiles Cleaned in Oadby

May 14, 2015 3:26 pm

limestone floor cleaning before image limestone floor cleaning after clean

A fantastic looking stone floor tile clean and grout cleaned and sealed recently in Oadby, Leicester. 120 square meters of beautiful limestone flooring cleaned over 2 days. Superb results!

Maintaining your stone floor is of paramount importance to the long term look. Limestone is a lovely stone and needs to be looked after properly. We can seal your limestone floor tiles to give a number of finishes dependant on your own personal preference.

Cleaning and sealing your limestone tile floor is not an easy process. It needs to be cleaned properly and the resulting dirt needs to be correctly taken away. The floor then needs to be dried to enable us to carry on the process. We will then add coats of sealer and gloss as desired for a high a gloss finish as required.

To enable us to get the best possible finish we would need the rooms where the limestone floor tiles are to be clear. This gives us the opportunity to get the best results possible.

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