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Ecoclean Floor Care

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carpet cleaning Loughborough

Ecoclean Floor Care started offering upholstery cleaning services and carpet cleaners in Loughborough nearly 10 years ago. Since then, Ecoclean offer wide range of floor cleaning services and are specialists in the cleaning and restoration carpets, stone floor cleaning, rug cleaning, marble floors and tile floors. We offer carpet cleaning in Loughborough at competitive prices.

Ecoclean Floor Care use the Host Carpet Care cleaning system which has a rigorous and thorough vacuuming capability using coarse brushes to remove dry soil. We use an extraction dry carpet cleaner which following over 50 years of research, is capable of dissolving both water soluble and solvent soluble soils.

The main advantage of the Host Carpet Cleaner is because it uses a unique emulsion of detergent, deodorant and a little water, the fibres of the carpet are never soaked and are ready for immediate use following cleaning. Although this may seem only like a small difference, it is in fact significant; enabling us to carry out carpet cleaning jobs other cleaners cannot because of the amount of time you have to allow carpets to dry when using a water based carpet cleaning system. If time is of the essence and you need clean carpets ready quickly  – Ecoclean Floor Care are your expert carpet cleaners in Loughborough.

Stone floor cleaning Loughborough

Stone Floor

Ecoclean Floor Care are Leicestershire’s most respected business in the cleaning and restoration of stone floors. Ecoclean are well regarded within the cleaning industry having initially started in business within the carpet cleaning industry with Ecoclean Floor Care. Following great successes with Ecoclean Carpet Care, offering stone floor cleaning services to our clients was always a very logical step in the growth of our business.

Loughborough is our head office and where Ecoclean all began for Scott and the team, however we cover the whole of Leicestershire including Melton Mowbray, Hinckley, Leicester and Market Harborough.

As well as deep cleaning and resealing your stone floors, our stone floor cleaning equipment is capable of diamond grinding the surface of your stone floor to remove scratches and any areas of lippage where certain areas of the stone floor have become raised.

Marble Floor Cleaning Loughborough

Marble Floor

Ecoclean are your marble floor cleaning experts in Loughborough. We understand what it takes to restore and polish marble correctly. Generally marble doesn’t require sealing but will need regular maintenance to maintain its premium qualities.

Ecoclean have contracts with some of the most respected jewellers and brands to maintain their marble surfaces across many stores within several locations. Poor cleaning methods on marble floors can leave large stains and marks which can be difficult to remove. Ecoclean can clean and polish marble to restore the marble to its original condition.

We offer a free consultation and site visit to determine the requirements of your marble floor so that we can provide an accurate quotation. Please contact Scott today on 01509 213 219 to arrange a free site visit.

Tile floor and grout cleaning Loughborough

Tile Floor & Grout

Floor tiles come in a variety of stone materials from slate to terracotta, which is why you need a company who understand different stones and their individual properties. Abrasion over time can create little pockets for bacteria to thrive and make grout become discoloured. Regular cleaning will enhance your tiles and prevent discolouration and bacteria from growing.

Floor tiles can be a charming design feature in a hallway or bathroom, which is why regular cleaning can really help to maintain their elegance. The equipment we use to clean marble floors and surfaces is exactly the same equipment we use to clean floor tiles, so you can be assured that your floor tiles and grout will be well looked after.

driveway cleaning Loughborough

Driveway & Pressure Washing

Ecoclean Floor Care offer a professional driveway cleaning in Loughborough and the surrounding areas to naturally removes dirt, moss and weeds which may have built up over time within the small crevices of patios and paving.We leave your outdoor spaces – whether they be at your home or your place of work – looking beautifully clean. Ecoclean can also treat any cleaned surface with a sealant which acts as protection from contaminants such as oil, petrol, diesel as well as other chemicals and stains.

We offer a free quotation and site survey and we’re happy to present to you previous domestic and commercial projects to give you piece of mind.  However, we believe the image above of our pressure washer in action speaks for itself!

Sofa and soft furnishings cleaning Leicester

Sofa & Upholstery

It’s easy for dirt and stains to build up over time within sofas, chairs and soft furnishings since this is furniture we use daily. Ecoclean Floor Care offer a variety of cleaning services including upholstery cleaning. We can restore the look and feel of furniture with fabricated covers, prolonging the life span of chairs and sofas as well as removing any odours in the process. Our low moisture system allows for quick drying times meaning that you can get back to relaxing and unwinding in your living space in no time. So if you are looking for upholstery cleaning in Loughborough, get in touch with us today!

Not only do we cover Loughborough, but we also offer carpet cleaning in Lutterworth, Melton Mowbray, Hinckley and West Bridgford.

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