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Carpet Cleaning in London – Bluewater

May 14, 2015 2:49 pm

We have been Carpet Cleaning in London for a very long time and understand the uniqueness this city brings. Visitors to the lovely shops expect lovely clean carpets!

This clean needed to be handled with care. With our unique carpet cleaning system we managed to dry clean our client’s carpet for them. It left them looking amazing and ready for immediate use.

This London shopping centre is very busy so being able to open straight away with no wet carpets means no loss of revenue, and happy customers!

A carpet clean in London on delicate wool carpets

Maintaining carpets is a very important part of the maintenance process and keeping carpets clean is easier than cleaning dirty carpets. We often have to attend the store to deal with spillages from customers, such as coffee, tea or wine. It is very important to clean the spillages up immediately as carpet fibres can get damaged if not treated straight away.

Most stains are able to be treated if dealt with quickly. Having an efficient emergency carpet cleaning plan set up is key to maintaining wool carpets. Wool carpets are very unforgiving. They are a natural fibre and love to absorb moisture so dealing with the spillage as soon as it happens is of paramount importance to your carpets long term appearance. It is also a lot more cost effective as a planned maintenance program is far better versus post-spillage action.

We offer a free consultation and quotation with no obligation. So however big or small your carpet cleaning requirements are; please get in touch.

We make carpet cleaning simple. No hidden costs. Clear and concise advice and pricing enables you make an informed decision on you carpet cleaning requirements.

Contact us today for further information. We operate 7 days a week for our clients.

carpet cleaning in London retail unit beforecarpet cleaning in London retail unit after

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